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We live in a world ruled by internet influencers and creators, where viral trends play a significant role in shaping our personality, demeanor, and lifestyle choices. Their influence seeps into our daily life, dictating everything from our breakfast choices to the material of our doormat. In such a world, staying abreast of the freshest trends and styling inspiration can allow you to stay on top of your lifestyle and beauty game. In this section, we have curated articles that combine diverse ideas with our trendspotting expertise to offer you innovative recommendations.

Here, you will find creative insights into flower trends to put together an endearing bouquet for a friend or create an impressive home decor piece. Combine them with our rangoli inspiration and ideas to glam up your space for an upcoming festival or special occasion. You may also take some beauty inspiration and try out our stunning mehendi patterns or edgy professional tattoo designs to adorn your body in a way that feels most comfortable to you and reflects your overall personality. We can help you understand the nitty-gritty of what makes a style work so you can add your own twist to it, creating your own versions that speak for you.

Look through this section and discover our curated catalogs of the current trends sweeping the world right now. Try out our quick tips and play with ways to infuse your essence into our interpretations of these fads to express your unique style.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the current trend in floral design? The top floral designs that have been trending recently are:
    • Minimalist: Simple floral arrangements focusing on a few key elements while integrating negative space into the design.
    • Artistic: Designs breaking away from traditional arrangements to incorporate additional elements for intriguing storytelling.
    • Monochromatic: Installments playing with varying hues of the same palette to create stirring light and shadow play and depict a specific mood.
    • Wild And Free: Arrangements that mimic a natural garden or forest where blooms appear in an unstructured, wild, and free-flowing manner.
    • Bold Palette: Vibrant patterns that experiment with brightly colored florals for eye-catching and evocative pieces that light up a space.
  • What inspires rangoli patterns? Everyday rangoli patterns are usually inspired by nature, featuring shapes of flowers, leaves, birds, animals, and vines, and geometric shapes occurring naturally in nature. However, rangoli designs can be customized into bigger artistic pieces featuring people from celebrated folklore, religious symbols, and tribal art forms. There are no limitations, and you can get as experimental with them as please.
  • What is the newest tattoo trend? There are a couple of new tattoo trends that are a favorite among enthusiasts right now, such as:
    • Microminimalism: While minimalism is a fairly new trend itself that uses tiny symbols and icons, microminimalism goes the extra mile. The designs are barely visible, comprising fine-lined, extra tiny icons.
    • Hyperrealism: These tattoos can vary in size and incorporate a great deal of multidimensional shading that makes the tattoo appear extremely real.
    • Quirky Doodles: These are random clusters of tiny, colored elements or words that appear like sprinkled, oddly-shaped confetti on the skin.