Teenage Hairstyles

Teenage Hairstyles

Embrace unrivaled confidence with hairstyles that set you apart from other teens.

Your teens are the best time to get experimental with your hairdos. Discover the coolest teen hairstyle trends and learn how to do them yourself.

Nothing speaks teen spirit better than bold, statement-making fashion. Since your hair is one of the first things people notice about you, why not master a few teen hairstyles that will make you popular among your peers? If you are up to the challenge, we are here to help you explore artistic, creative, as well as effortlessly cool, funky hairstyles for teen girls.

If you have a formal event to attend and can’t decide how to wear your hair, it won’t be a surprise if you stumbled on this page looking for formal hairstyles for girls. We totally understand your requirement to look presentable. It may not be easy, but with the help of our detailed guides and tutorials and expert advice from professional stylists, you shall be a pro yourself at executing impressive hairstyles for teen girls.

On the flip side, if it’s a pool party where you wish to be the center of attention, we can help you with some cool summer hairstyles for teen girls. We also have an endless catalog of elegant evening hairdos that will certainly turn heads at prom and homecoming dances. You can count on us for all your hair care and styling needs.

Take a look around this section to find inspiring ideas, photo inspiration, celebrity references, as well as step-by-step instructions for the best teen hairstyles ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the trending hairstyles for teen girls right now? The latest trending hairstyles for teen girls right now are loose pigtails, space buns, messy ponytails and buns, half updos, pixie bobs, and textured blunt bobs to name a few.
  • Are there quick and easy hairstyles suitable for school? Yes. A low ponytail is always the quickest, safest, yet subtly stylish hairstyle for school. It is functional and also fits most dress code policies. However, if your school is not very strict, you can opt for messy buns, half top-knots, and high ponytails.
  • Can I experiment with hair colors as a teen? Most dermatologists and trichologists say it is okay for teens over the age of sixteen to color their hair. However, you must ensure you take appropriate precautions, have an established hair care routine, and do not overexpose your hair to chemical treatments if you wish to prevent long-term damage.
  • What hairstyles are best for sports or gym class? Pigtails, ponytails, braided hairstyles, or short hair secured in place with pins and moisture-wicking hair bands make for functional and cool hairstyles for sports and gym classes.
  • Are hair extensions suitable for teens? No. As a teen, your hair follicles are still young and may go through brutal damage due to the extensions, hindering proper hair growth in the long run.
  • Are bangs a good choice for teens? Yes. Bangs complement the youthfulness on a teen's face and deliver an innocent charm. However, do keep in mind that bangs are also constantly in need of maintenance, requiring regular trims, frequent washes, and multiple runs of your comb.