Hannah Shine

AFA Certified Personal Trainer

Weight loss, Nutrition, Exercise, Training, Progression
Australia Fitness Academy & Australian Institute of Personal Trainers
6 years

Hannah Shine is a highly qualified and experienced personal trainer with 6 years of experience. She has a Diploma in Nutrition and a certification as a personal trainer from the Australian Fitness Academy. She is currently the health manager of Hourglass Waist, a company that provides health and fitness services to individuals of all ages, races, and sizes.Hannah's strong belief in providing her clients with the correct tools and information to achieve optimum health has led to her success as a personal trainer. She understands that a healthy lifestyle can be difficult to attain, but she is committed to working with her clients to help them overcome any obstacles they may face. Hannah's knowledge of nutrition and exercise, combined with her ability to connect with her clients, makes her an effective personal trainer. With Hannah's guidance and support, anyone can attain a healthy lifestyle, no matter their age, race, or size.

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